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discovering a sustainable world



      Welcome to equolo, the collaborative open source platform for a sustainable world!
      The equolo map helps people find places where to shop and consume in a socially and environmentally responsible way, and responsible entrepreneurs promote their activities and reach more customers

      Let's map together a sustainable world!

      Introducing my mission

      Hallo world, this is equolo the flying squirrel!

      My mission is to contribute to a more sustainable planet by bringing places and activities that foster responsible consumption just one click away from customers.

      I promote on my map shops, businesses, and public and private initiatives that offer socially and environmentally responsible solutions, so they can be easily found with a mobile phone or laptop.

      Me and your shopping cart

      With my map it is easy to become a responsible consumer: Just follow me to the market for the daily shopping, to the restaurant for your lunch break, and to a clothing store if you need to buy a t-shirt. I will help you spot locations where to recharge the battery of your electric car, get your shared bike, and where to buy natural body products.

      I will show you responsible businesses in your sourroundings, as well as private or public initiatives aimed at making your community more sustainable.

      And when you plan to go on vacation on the other side of the world, I will jump into your suitcase and help you spot the best solutions to be a responsible tourist.

      Check out all the categories included in my map

      There is a hidden world of places that are committed to responsible consumption and production models around you. They make their best to reduce their impact on the world – so let's help them emerge!

      Wanna help me?

      A flying squirrel alone can't do much, but a big community can change the world...so I need your help!

      • suggest: Do you know any shop, business, initiative, or else that would be good for my map? Ask them to insert their data here ... or let me know about them here ...and I will take care of the rest.
      • spread the word about the service: the more we are, the greater the impact!
      • report to me any activity present on my map which you know doesn't comply with some clear sustainability criteria.
      • donate: I am a nonprofit project, so any donation will help me to bring my mission forward

      Me, used technology, and copyrights ©

      While somebody likes pizza and somebody else prefers sushi, I just love eating Open-Source all the day long!

      Everything in this website is Open Source indeed including equolo.org website itself!

      However, other services have been used to create this site too, such:

      • Leaflet, the Open-Source JavaScript Library for Mobile-Friendly Interactive Maps
      • Open MapQuest, an amazing, fast, and beautiful predefined tiles server for the leaflet map engine
      • GitHub, of course, for its free support to the whole Open-Source community, including this website.

      Who is missing? That could be you, or anyone else, so kind to help me maintain, improve, or contribute to map a more sustainable world!


      For any questions, suggestions, curiousity, please contact me

      You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook

      Who is behind me?

      I am no business nor organization, and I have no sponsors nor partners. I am just the product of the passion of two individuals for good causes and technology.

      My trainers Arianna and Andrea have worked respectively with sustainability issues and web solutions in a number of European countries. Then they moved to San Francisco, California, and decided to adopt me.

      Is my homework problematic?

      Maybe I've been such a bad developer you would like to help me improving this whole service?

      Feel free to file an issue on github or contribute with any improvement you might have for me, thank you!

      equolo.org as an App

      To use equolo.org on your mobile device you can simply save it to your home screen just following one of these instructions.

      iOS7 Home Screen

      With this beautiful device, using the shortcut gives it also more space for any further time you'll open this service. Click once on the bottom bar icon:

      After, you can simply create the shortcut through the following action:

      You can do a similar operation in older versions of iOS by following similar actions:

      Android Bookmark

      Right now the save to home screen is experimental in latest Google Chrome Beta for Android and unavailable for all other phones.

      However, it is possible to save this service as bookmark or tab, and reach it back quickly at any time.

      You can also go full screen by tapping the squirrel to have a proper App fell without the chrome around.

      Windows Phone

      You can simply pin this page to the start screen as it is, or using a temporary icon that will better look in your screen.

      Here the big icon before saving on start screen!


      Having this service pinned is a must, specially for ZTE phones with a tiny screen. A simple click on the bottom right star should do everything without problems.

      However, for a better icon and a better experience, you can install equolo as App too.

      Blackberry 10

      Nothing could be simpler in here, just click the settings icon and pin it to the home.

      Other Platforms

      Many apologies for being unable to provide same service in all known devices out there.

      Unfortunately there are very few cases where it didn't make sense to put effort such Asha and its Xpress browser without a usable canvas, no support from leaflet, and not even a GPS in case of 510, or Palm Pre and webOS 2, mainly due lack of touch events and the inability to hack the panning as done in WP7 and IE9 Mobile. However, at least latest, has been tested to ensure some sort of usability overall.